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About me

I was born in 1967 in a city called Leiden in the western part of the Netherlands. I grew up under the final approach of NAS Valkenburg and that is how I got interested in military aviation. Looking from my window I could see the Neptunes and Atlantics of the Royal Netherlands Navy landing.

After visiting the airfield to look at the aircraft I started taking photo's of military aircraft in 1982 during the Open House at Eindhoven airbase in the Netherlands. Since that day, I have travelled to almost all continents visiting airshows and air forces.

At the moment I am working as free-lance aviation photographer and journalist. I am providing links to these magazines in the section "Magazines" .

I am the regular defense correspondent for the Netherlands of Flight International. Under the section articles you will find some examples of the work I have done.

The ultimate experience is to capture the aircraft in their natural surrounding, the air. Over the years I have flown in various aircraft and helicopters to do air-to-air photography. I have flown photo missions with the Brazilian Navy, Jordanian Air Force, Italian and Spanish Army and Ecuador Air Force generating over 50 hours on all types of aircraft.

In the galleries you can find an impression of my work.